Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vivaldao Stadium, Manaus

In Manaus, the soccer matches are conducted mainly in Vivaldão the "Vivaldão" with 43 000 seats, and the Stadium of San Ramon, with a maximum capacity of 16,000 seats. For the 2014 World Cup, the project is the demolition of Vivaldão, and the building in its place a new stadium or multipurpose arena. The capacity will be close to 48 000 seats and will have 11,000 parking spaces at the stadium and surrounding area. The stadium should be completed this until the first half of 2013 to attend the matches of the Confederations Cup, which will occur early in the second half.

More photos enlarge Like football in the Amazon is in its infancy, and its audience is still small, the return on investment probably will not come from ticket revenue. The expectation is that the work would pay for increased tourism in the region, which is the major objective of Manaus to the World Cup. Thus, private enterprise should not be the major investor of the works, and the more likely it is that the state government to allocate their own resources to enable the equipment.

Artistic perspective of the new arena to replace the "Vivaldão"


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