According to Jerome Valcke, Secretary Genral, FIFA has learned its lesson from problems with Internet ticket sales in South Africa and will overhaul its pricing and ticketing ahead of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.FIFA made two major mistakes in the World Cup 2010: when initially made available, tickets could only be purchased after a complicated registration process in the internet; and prices of tickets sold for South African citizens only were considered expensive (see prices of tickets in 2010).
Last April, FIFA eased the rules, and started selling tickets over the counter and also increased the number of the least expensive tickets reserved for South Africans.
The measures were not enough to remedy the situation. In the rest of Africa, sales fell 76 percent below original predictions, with only 11,300 African visitors expected for the tournament, said South Africa’s Tourism Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk; the Minister vehemently blamed ”unaffordable pricing” and the exclusive use of the Internet sales channel, which he called “a huge mistake”.
South Africa is now expecting 300,000 foreign visitors for the tournament, 150,000 less than originally predicted
“We will start all ticketing policies from scratch for 2014. It could be that we would be facing some similar problems in Brazil”, Volcke added.
(source from France press)
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